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A blender is  a complete no brainer.  A must have.


I use my blender every single day.  Today, as I write this, I have just used it for the third time.  First I made my son a chocolate shake for breakfast with cacao and protein powder, next I blended up a batch of my Lemon Ginger Detox Water and now I am drinking my own spinach, banana, cacao and date smoothie. 


The Best of the Best


My blender must be a workhorse.  I need a high speed.  A number of years ago I invested in a Vitamix Blender, and it is one of my most prized possessions. Seriously. It blends anything I put in a smoothie (and we're talking really hard kale stalks here) into liquid silk - and I hate any veggie chunks in my smoothies!


I also love that I can make soft serve ice cream out of frozen bananas, that I can make hot vegetable soups right in the blender and that I never have to take it apart - you clean it by running the blender with soap right in it.


There is a heated debate amongst healthy eaters as to which blender reigns supreme - Vitamix or Blendtec.  I have read terrific things about both.  But, the gurus I watch all seem to use a Vitamix. That's what I use and recommend. 























Having said that, I totally respect Blendtec users too.


Both these blenders are in the several hundreds of dollars range. It is an investment. But, if you are serious about revamping your healthy lifestyle, and can afford one, this is definitely the way to go.


If I had to choose between these two right now it would be a Vitamix.















Oh man, what if a Vitamix is not in my snack bracket?


Never fear!  You can still get your smoothies and blender juices (like Green Lightening) for a fraction of the cost.


There was a time when I was just starting out on this path when I didn't have an uber blender.  With a few smart hacks you can have a decent blender giving you pretty close to the smoothiness of the Cadillacs.




Now there are a ton of blenders out there today for less money than Vitamix and Blendtec that say they're just as good.  Most are not, and will just frustrate you.


There is only one other brand that I recommend. I suggest the tried and true blender of my Mom and Grandmother. The Oster!





















The Secret Game Changer?


There is one more option I'd like to mention and that's the Oster Versa.  This economically priced blender is a big secret if you ask me.  I think it gives the Vitamix and Blendtec a tremendous run for their money.


My Mom has had an Oster Versa for almost 3 years and she drinks smoothies every day.  She's big into putting kale in them.  She loves this blender, and from the sounds of it, it does everything Vitamix and Blendtec do for less than half the price.


The Oster Versa sounds like a terrific deal.



I used an Oster for years and years before I invested in my beloved Vitamix.  I even kept it for a long while after to lend out to people when I was coaching them and they didn't have a blender.


Even now I have an Oster that I use solely for blending my face lotions.  I love the Oster for this because it has a glass jar as opposed to plastic.


Here is the most cost effective Oster out there right now.  It will do you proud while you save up for your dream blender.

What is your Blender Personality?

Low Speed Blender Hack:

When preparing smoothies blend up the liquid and greens first and get the greens as fine as possible.  Then add your fruit and superfoods or supplements and finish it off.

Vitamix 7500


You love the classsics.  The tried and true.  You want the newest version of the top of the line blender. The best of the best.

Oster Versa


You could care less about labels.  You want the one that makes sense.  The secret no one else knows about.  The great blender at a fraction of the price.

Blendtec Total Blender Classic


You are on the cutting edge. You want the best and the latest.  The one that comes with extra goodies.


Oster Beehive


You want a blender for now. The one you can afford that works great - until you can buy your dream machine.


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I'm Birit Trematore. (Rhymes with Spirit!) I'm obsessed with, addicted to, can't stop pursuing ways to feel better and higher and fill our lives with more love and vibrance. I hope you find inspiration in these pages!


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