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There are entire websites dedicated to juicing, and picking which juicer is best for you can be confusing.  Just searching the word juicer on Amazon brings up over 1,300 results.  Whew!  How do you weed through that?


I have used two juicers in my time (well, 3 if you include my blender which you can use for your juicer in a pinch - see my Green Lightening blender juice).



My first juicer was a centrifugal model, the Breville Juice Fountain, which works kind of like the spin cycle on your washing machine.  Tiny blades chop up the fruits and veggies and then they are spun around at a very high speed to extract the juice.


Pros:  Centrifugal juicers are really cost effective.  They do the work very quickly and are said to be easier to clean (although I think that's debatable).  I'd forgotten how quickly the produce zooms through juicer until I re-watched the video below.


Cons:  They do not extract as much juice from the pulp as other juicers and the whirling action of the machine produces heat and pumps oxygen into the juice which may oxidize it somewhat - lowering the nutritional value. That's why you should drink the juice from these juicers as quickly as possible.


Who Should Buy One?: If you are new to juicing and looking for a juicer for $200 or less this is the way to go.  If you are going to be drinking your juice soon after you make it and not wanting to make big batches to save for days the oxidization will not be an issue.  As you can see in the video below, my Breville blasted out juice beautifully!



My second juicer, an Omega Nutrition Center, is the one I have now, and is in the picture above.. It's a masticating juicer which, as you may have guessed from the name, basically chews the fruit or vegetables.


The most noticeable differences between this juicer and the centrifugal one I had before are:


1. the juice comes out a lot more slowly,

2. I have to cut the ingredients a little smaller and

3. the pulp is much drier (i.e. I am getting a lot more juice out of of the fruits and vegetables).


That third one is the most important to me!  I want the most juice for my buck.  Also, I can make more juice in advance because there is less heating and no spinning - so much less oxidation.


My Omega Nutrition Center also juices wheatgrass, which the centrifical juicer cannot do.  I love this ability!


In addition, it can extrude pasta, make nut butters, make baby food, grind coffee, make soft banana "nice" cream and fruit sorbet and nut milks.  But, I have to say that I have only used it for juicing so far.


Pros: Masticating juicers, in the long run, are much more cost effective - you simply get more juice from your produce.  As well, the juice is nutritionally more intact, and they can also juice wheatgrass. Personally, I think they are just as easy to clean, if not easier, than the centrifugal.  They are also more versatile in the types of food they can produce.


Cons: They are more expensive and there is a tad more prep time.


Who Should Buy One?: If you are going to be juicing fairly regularly and want to be able to juice several days worth at a time the masticating juicer is for you.  If you want to juice wheatgrass (which is amazing!), this is also the one you want.  The Omega Nutrition Center is not that much more expensive than the Breville and it's a great machine.  I certainly love mine.


Breville Juice Fountain Multi Speed


You are new to juicing and not sure how much you will be doing.  You want something economical, quick and easy.


What is your Juicer Personality?

Twin Gear


A twin gear juicer uses two interlocking gears to grind the juice out of the produce.  Like a masticating juicer on steroids.  Though I do not have one of these, they are the best - and the Green Star Elite is the one everyone uses.



Pros: The pros are similar to the masticating juicer except the twin gear is even more of a super efficient juicer, versatile and keeps the juice at it's most nutritious.  This juice will be more highly vibrational than any of the others.


Cons: Steep price tag. More parts and a bit more complicated to clean.


Who Should Buy One?: If you are committed to juicing and can afford a Green Star this juicer will give you the best quality.

Omega Nutrition Center


You want juicing in your life on a regular basis and maybe want to use your juicer for other things like wheatgrass or making nut butters.  You want ease of use and a good price.

Green Star Elite


You want the top of the line. You want seriously highly vibrational, enzyme rich juices and you are willing to pay for that quality.


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