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Clean Water

What if I told you I had something that would give your skin a beautiful healthy glow, diminish fine lines and wrinkles, help you lose weight, give you lots of energy and increase your mental focus.  Wouldn't you want some?


If I had a pill like that you'd been signing up for it right now.


So simple.  Drink lots of water.

Lots of water.

There is no downside.

And I bet you aren't drinking enough.


You are about 75% water.







Babies are 90% water.



Okay, so here's why to drink your water.  We'll talk about what water to drink in a sec.

Your body loses water every day, so every day you need to replace that water with fresh clean hydration.


Next to oxygen nothing is more important to life.


Did you know that a 1% loss of your body weight due to fluid loss can cause dehydration and can lead to serious medical complications?


You lose water every day through simply breathing.  Really.  Your lungs exhale between 2 and 4 cups of water every day just from breathing.  Thats 16 to 32 ounces right there and you haven't even broken a sweat or peed yet.


If you go to the bathroom about 6 times a day that's about another 48 ounces.  If you perspire that's another 16 ounces (not including sweating during exercise).













That's 96 ounces right there!  So why are you told to drink about 8 cups of water (or 64 ounces) a day? That's because there should be a lot of water in the food you eat too.  That's if you're eating fruits and vegetables that have that highly nutritional water content.  (Like you are supposed to.)


Not much water in bread and cheese.  Not to mention if you drink beverages that deplete your water like coffee and alcohol.


Think about what happens when you forget to water a plant.  It droops.  It becomes dull, dry and wrinkled.  Limp.  Watering the plant in time will bring it back, but often times some damage has been done.  Leave it unwatered for a while and it dies.


We are the same.  Every basic operation in your body utilizes water, from digestion, to transporting nutrients, temperature, lubrication and detoxification. Water makes your skin glow and gives you energy.  If you are dehydrated...


  • your skin looks dull, dry and more wrinkled,

  • you will feel dizzy upon standing,

  • your muscles will cramp more easily,

  • your brain will be foggy,

  • you will feel tired, and

  • you will imagine you are hungry (and probably eat something).


No mystery here. When you drink lots of clean water all this is magically reversed. Your skin radiates, your energy soars, your mind can focus.


So, what water do you drink?


Ah, there's the big question, and one I pondered and researched for a long time.


Filtered tap water?

Bottled water from the grocery?

Reverse osmosis?



In glass or plastic?



Natural Spring Water


The best, most natural, highly vibrating water you can drink would be from a mountain spring.  And, some of us are lucky enough to live near such a wonderous place.  If you are not sure about where you live check here at


I know that for me it was going to be a 5 hour drive, so the spring water was right out of my league.


Next I checked on the availability of having glass bottled spring water delivered to my home.  This idea proved either too expensive, or I didn't feel I could trust the company that was providing the water.  I mean, how could I trust a company that also offered plastic bottles and flouridated options?  Clearly they did not have my best interests at heart.


Many bottled "spring" water companies also deliver soda and coffee!


Bottled Water


All the time I see people in the grocery store piling huge heavy flats of expensive water bottled in plastic on to their carts.


Please stop doing this!


  • In many cases the water is no different than tap water.

  • The plastic is probably leeching into the water (this is more likely than you think).

  • The effect on the environment is unconscionable.


Here is a short video that really puts bottle water into perspective.






















Okay, so now that we have that cleared up and you are not going to buy bottled water anymore (yes, yes, except in an emergency and if your tap water is truly contaminated).


Clean Filtered Water


If you do not filter your water, you will be the filter.  It's that simple.


What's in your tap water?


According to the Environmental Working Group, there are over 300 contaminants that can be found in tap water in the United States.  Such as...


  • Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOC's) are pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals that are generally run off from agriculture.

  • Heavy metals like lead and mercury.

  • Fluoride (which I may do an entire page on it is so harmful... do not drink it, brush your teeth with it or let your mouth soak in it at the dentist!)

  • Chlorine which is used to sanitize the water.  Do you want to drink the swimming pool?

  • Bacteria from "animal runoff".  Now there's an interesting phrase.

  • Pharmaceutical drugs from us!


Obiously the next question is... what filter.


Any filter is better than nothing.  A Brita pitcher on your counter is better than just drinking the tap water.


There are many complicated systems and expensive filtering units for reverse osmosis, distillation, ionizing, etc.


But the bottom best line is a...


Solid Block Carbon Filter


This filter requires no electricity.  It is gravity based.  This also means your water stays clean in a power outage.  And you can filter any water, not just tap.


Solid Block Carbon Filters are most recommended by the Environmental Working Group.  They will remove most of the contaminants listed above (an extra small attachment is needed for fluoride), and they leave in the minerals found naturally in the water.


The interesting thing here is that I don't have one!!!


From all my research here is the absolute favorite, and what I would buy...

The Berky water filters (the Big Berkey is pictured here) are at the top of the list of so many of the experts.


They are counter top and you just fill them up with water.  Berkeys come in many sizes.


You can read more about them and get them online here.

Dehydration impares your judgement as if you had been drinking alcohol. The journal Physiology and Behavior reported that 10 dehydrated drivers made twice the amount of errors during a two-hour drive compared to hydrated drivers. Similar to driving drunk.


Drink water and be smart and focused!


(Source: Loughborough University, April, 2015)

See how your city's water checks out with the Environmental Working Group's National Drinking Water Database.


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