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Work With Me!


I know why you are here.


You are finally ready to make the changes in your life you've always thought about.

Right now.


I have done it myself and I know the path.


How do you know if I am right for you?


  1. Think back 5 years.  How has your body changed since then?  If it is not         markedly better - if it is the same, or even gotten worse, you need a SHIFT. You are not on the right path and a RESET is in order.  Don't waste more time standing still or going in the wrong direction.  THE TIME IS NOW.

  2. Do you have nagging health or lifestyle issues that you just can't seem to get a handle on?

  3. Do you have the feeling that you just don't know where to start? Does the thought overwhelm you to the point where you just don't want to think about it?

  4. Have you been trying to live a healthy life and still nothing seems to be changing? You keep going back and forth... healthy for a week, unhealthy for three? Over and over and over?

  5. Are you at the point where you will actually take action?  Will you do what needs to be done?  Are you ready to really hear what needs to be done?


Do this sound familiar?


My job is to get you flying foward in your healthiest most vibrant life ever.

Doing it yourself.

My job is to work myself out of a job!

Okay, so you are here for a reason today... contact me right now and let me know what area is your biggest challenge... (Absolutely no obligation and I will keep your information in the strictest of confidence.)

It may be something super simple that you just aren't seeing, or I may suggest a consultation in person or on the web of inter.

We might talk about food...


  • I will reset your eating habits.

  • I will go through what you eat in detail and start adding in the good and taking out what does not make you feel and look your most wonderful self.

  • I will look at your weaknesses and show you how to substitute healthy foods to satisfy your food loves.

  • I will show you how easy it is to make real, whole, healthy food.

  • I will talk to you about how to eat healthy for yourself even if you live with family members who are fighting you every inch of the way.

  • I will show you how to eat healthy when you are in restaurants and traveling.

We might talk about exercise...


I have been a fitness instructor in gyms, companies and privately for over 20 years.


I believe in moderate, but intense exercise to create a toned, slim, muscular body that can move in every way you need it to with ease... and looks fantastic doing so!


  • I will work out what exercise plan is best for you - yoga, running, walking, barre, Pilates, weights, spin?  What is most suited to your personality and style.  Do you want a busy gym, a meditative studio, the great outdoors or the privacy of your own home?


You need to do the exercise you will DO.  That the most important thing!

We might talk about lifestyle...


  • What is it that is holding you back from your health and fitness goals?

  • What is holding you back from the ideal you that you know you can be?

  • How are you sleeping and how long each night?

  • What are your challenges - job, relationships, kids?

  • What is your stress level and how can we reduce it (super important!)?



Today is the day!


Get your FREE 5 In/5 OutDetox Guide!

5 Things to Add, 5 Things to Take Out Right Now


I'm Birit Trematore. (Rhymes with Spirit!) I'm obsessed with, addicted to, can't stop pursuing ways to feel better and higher and fill our lives with more love and vibrance. I hope you find inspiration in these pages!


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