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1 week...

     5 in...

          5 out...

               New You!

5 In/5 Out Detox Guide

Rest. Clean. Nourish.


Okay, so here's what you've done so far...


1. One extra hour of sleep a night.

2. Replace most beverages with pure, filtered water.

3. Organic greens, green juices or smoothies every day.

4. A walk outdoors every morning.

5. Break a sweat often.


Awesome!  You are on your way to getting a lot of good things into your life and lowering your toxicity.


Now, let's work on what we need to get out of your life.









On your mark, get set... go!

1.  No food from animals.  Eat plant based.


I’m talking one week here.  You can do it.  Set aside the cheese, meat and eggs for one whole week.


I won’t even mention the ethical reasons.  Let’s just talk about your body.

























Dr. Dean Ornish showed that eating a low-fat, plant-based, vegetarian diet (along with some other lifestyle changes) could reverse heart disease. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn also succeeded in stopping and reversing heart disease in patients who were seriously ill. Just watch the movie Forks Over Knives to see that documented.


The Adventist Health Study-2 found that vegetarians had a lower risk of Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. While about 50 percent of Americans will develop high blood pressure by the age of 60, research shows that populations that consume a diet comprised mostly of vegetables or who are vegetarian have "virtually no increase in hypertension with age."














Eating red meat is associated with increased rates of cancer and heart disease. And casein, the protein found in milk products has been linked to the onset of a variety of diseases, including cancer.


The less animal products to put through your digestive system, the healthier you will be.


One more note… particularly for the guys… I can show you picture after picture of vegan body builders with huge muscles.  Rich Roll, Ultra athlete, author of “Finding Ultra” and once named the fittest man in the world is a staunch advocate of this lifestyle and has even co-authored a cookbook with his wife called “PlantStrong”.


Your food is your fuel.  A plant based diet is the cleanest, most potent fuel you can eat.  Meat is, yes, I’m going to say it, dead rotting flesh.  Do you really think that’s the best fuel for your racecar bod and brain?

I know it tastes good.  I know some cavemen ate it.  But, you know, it doesn’t really matter about history and who ate what when.  All that matters is right now.  And, in this world right now eating animal products is not good for you, the planet or the animals.  Period.


I don’t care how clean you think it is.  I don’t care how happy you think they were.


People who eat a balanced plant based, whole foods diet glow with health.  They are thinner and leaner, they have lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, better blood sugar, and lower rates of cancer.


They are far less toxic.

2. Processed food, sugar and (most) restaurant food.


This is really three “outs” in one blow. But, I’m grouping them together because they overlap so often.


Processed food often comes in a package.  It is anything that is not a whole, real food (like a banana or some brown rice), but has something added to it like color, sweetener, preservatives, stabilizers, emulsifiers or the like.  It is full of chemicals.  It is dead.


Processed food is not in its natural state.  Therefore, we would not naturally eat it.


And generally, your digestive and immune systems do not recognize it as food.


By sugar I mean processed varieties of sugar and artificial sweeteners.  Not apples.




  • Increases your risk for heart disease

  • Boosts belly fat

  • Promotes cancer production

  • Is addictive

  • Has the same effect on your liver as alcohol

  • Ages your brain

  • Ages your skin

  • Makes you fat

  • May shorten your life


Convinced?  For a bit of a longer read on that click here.


So no soda of any kind, no donuts, candy… you know what I mean there.  But, I also mean no diet soda, flavored coffee creamers, store bought granolas or yogurts, store bought fruit juice (sugar water) or sports drinks like Gatorade.


Most of us have heard about the evils of sugar and processed foods, and know we should be staying away from them.  But what about restaurant food?


Now, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t go to a restaurant for a week.  But, if you do be very careful of where and what you eat.






















Please note! There are some super duper healthy places out there now. Eateries that do care what we eat and provide amazingly healthy food.  You know which ones they are.  Hint… anywhere selling wheatgrass shots is probably a safe bet.

Let’s remember restaurants aren’t in business to get us healthy.  They are in business to make us think their food is so delicious that we will come back for more and more.  They often heap in sugar, salt and fats to make the food taste delicious.


Often when I eat in a restaurant, even if I try my hardest to make healthy choices, I wake up the next day with a really puffy face from all the salt I have consumed.

I had this gorgeous dish at a restaurant called 456 Fish in Norfolk, Viginia.  It's sauteed spiralized veggies.  I was so surprised they had it, and it was delicious.  You never know what you will find on a menu!

3.  Get rid of toxins in your skin care & home.


You are not protected by a plastic iPhone case, you are covered in an extremely thin flesh sponge.  That’s all that is separating you from the outside world.  Your skin, nose, eyes, ears and mouth are all gateways for toxins to enter your body.


Here is a quick rundown of what to avoid in your home.


Make up & Personal Care Products


You have no doubt heard about the plethora of toxic chemicals we women put on our faces each day in the name of beauty.  Cancer causing, hormone disrupting, allergy inducing and skin irritating ingredients that come in pretty, sweet smelling packages.





















Wondering about your choices?  Check out the Skin Deep® Cosmetics Database from the Environmental Working Group.  They have analyzed thousands of products for their ingredients and rated each one according to toxicity.


They also have a phone app called Skin Deep® so you can check out purchases while you are shopping.


Cleaning Supplies & Home Fragrances


I often refer to the cleaning supply isle at the grocery store as the Fragrance Isle.  There is just no reason that a clean home has to be full of manufactured, chemical smells.


Now you know just from reading the warnings on the side of the bathroom and kitchen cleaners how dangerous they are to us, our kids and our pets.  There are plenty of “green” cleaners on the market.











And, please stop using dryer sheets right now.  There is no need for them.  It is not still the 70’s and we are not still wearing polyester dresses.  Dryer sheets are soaked in cancer causing toxic chemicals.  You then coat your clothes in these chemicals and wear the clothes on your skin all day.  Get it?  Read this to understand more about clothes cleaning toxicity.


























This one isn’t something we can clean up in a week, but you can get started!

Those ingredients are also in the products we put on our scalp, under our arms, on our kids and on our pets.


This week start to make the change over.


Every time you run out of a personal care product and have to replace it opt for a clean version.  There are so many to choose from now!


This means makeup, hair care, cleansers, body oils, sunscreens, toothpaste, deodorant and mouthwash.  Everything.


Many of our products here in the U.S. contain ingredients banned in other countries around the world.

If you really need something in your dryer use these dryer balls.  Add some lavender or orange essential oil and you have something natural and good for you.


As far as home air fragrances go, get a diffuser and use some essential oils.  Instead of harming your body you can do everyone’s body and mind good.


Lastly, look at future purchases like shower curtains, rugs and curtains.  Many home furnishings contain toxic chemicals that we breathe in.  PVC plastic shower curtains, for example, release about 100 toxic chemicals into the air (see this article for more information). Just think of that plastic heating up in your shower for you to inhale while you bathe.  These ubiquitous curtains may contribute to respiratory irritation, damage to the central nervous system, liver and kidney, nausea, headaches and loss of coordination. Yikes.

4. Change negative thought habits.


Thoughts and feelings affect your body and mind.  If the physical toxins that surround you and come at your body each and every day are the loaded gun, negative thoughts are the trigger that fires the shot.


By negative thoughts I mean anger, worry, hatred, envy… you get it.  These thoughts can either be focused at yourself or outward at other people.  They can also be focused at you from other people



















The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has asserted that up to 90% of all disease and illness is due to stress. Negativity, anger and anxiety in your life are killing you.  And aging you.


This kind of thinking is habitual.  So, you need to change the habit.


I challenge you for the next week to take stock of your thinking.  Notice it.


  • Notice when you are not looking at the bright side of a situation.

  • Notice when you think poorly of yourself.

  • Notice when you judge other people.

  • Notice when you worry about something that has not happened yet.


Each time you notice this thinking, consciously re-think the thought and verbalize it to yourself (you can do this silently of course).  I call this "flipping" the thought.  You can find a positive in anything if you look for it.


Practice this method over and over.  I promise it works.  You can rewire your brain into reaching for the positive thought.


Two more suggestions…


















Keep a notebook open on your kitchen counter or in your car.  Throughout the day write down things you notice that change your mood.  Conscious actions you can take to change your feeling.  For example, hugging your kids, petting your dog or cat, listening to a particular song, doing a few sun salutations in your living room before work… that sort of thing.


Put this list in a place you can see it.


I even have a playlist specifically of songs that automatically put me in a good frame of mind.  And, a few movies that are solid gold mood changers.


Connect your joy to other people.  Pay it forward.  When you are out an about and passing strangers actually smile at people and look them straight in the eye.  The last bit of that is essential.  They will feel your connection, your energy.  Spread joy.  I promise that most of the time you will get a big smile back.

Stress is caused by being 'here'

and wanting to be 'there'.

- Eckhart Tolle

5.  Nix the alcohol.


Alcohol is the most glamorized, accepted, promoted legal drug in our society, along with sugar. Heck, we even have festivals for it. 


But, make no mistake, it is a drug.



















Here’s what Dr. Mercola (of – an excellent alternative health resource) has to say…


“I’m sure you’ve heard that alcohol can be beneficial when consumed in low to moderate quantities (about 1-3 standard glasses of alcohol per day), but there are thousands of studies on alcohol consumption and its effects on your health, and researchers still can’t prove that moderate drinking leads to a longer, healthier life. 

What they have found, however, is plenty of evidence showing structural damage in your brain as well as other detrimental effects, even when consumed in small quantities.

I think that is far more telling than anything else. It’s hard to imagine any significant health benefit that could outweigh its destructive influence on your brain.

Although some research points to the possibility that moderate alcohol consumption may actually reduce your risk of dementia, numerous studies clearly indicate that alcohol consumption causes too many directly negative neurological complications to say that it has any real benefit.”


This is a detox guide, and letting go of one of the major toxic drugs you may be putting in your body on a regular basis is a really good idea if you truly want to feel the effects of cleaning your system out, and changing the direction of your health.


I know you think you need it.  I know it’s the treat at the end of the day or week.  I know it comes in pretty bottles and everyone else is doing it and it feels so good.  But, let me tell you it is damaging your body and especially your brain.  Even moderate amounts.

Alcohol ages you, promotes or causes numerous diseases, ruins your skin, leads to really poor choices, lack of focus, low energy and promotes a number of cancers. Is feeling buzzed for a couple of hours really worth it?


If you have a social engagement planned bring something else with you to drink. Add some amazing fruit juice to club soda for example.


Try it for just one week and see how much better your brain and body feel.  How much happier you will become.  How much clearer and more YOU. Honest.


And… if you can't give up the wine for a week maybe it’s time to consider why.

Now download the Cheat Sheet to keep you on track every day.











Let me know in the comments below what you think of this week long detox plan.




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