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I began taking Birit's Pilates classes 2 years ago to improve my core strength. I noticed results and increased ability within a month. I began taking her spin classes as well, which are by far some of the most challenging I have ever taken. What impresses me the most about Birit is the amount of time and preparation she puts into her work. She is always very well prepared and the entire time period is well thought out and planned, which is ideal if you budget your time as I do and are counting on getting a good workout. Both Birit's spin and Pilates classes are experiences I walk away from feeling decompressed with a smile on my face knowing it was an hour plus well spent with a dedicated trainer. I enjoy running and cross fit as well and am very dedicated to my health, and can appreciate Birit's level of compassion and investment in her career. Birit is also very dedicated to current nutritional trends and concepts. Her personal dedication to diet, health and wellness is what makes her stand out above the rest. With Birit, you will see positive changes because she is personally invested in what she does.

-- Laura Marcinczyk, RN BSN


I began Pilates training with Birit after the birth of my second child, initially to help regain my abdominal strength. I quickly learned that this full-body workout provided me with complete toning and was more of a challenge to me than yoga. In addition, the improvement in my flexibility was also eliminating some running pains that I started to experience with age. I actually attribute the repair of my plantar fasciitis to the lengthening of my calf muscles while doing a variety of her exercises and stretches. One of Birit’s greatest strengths is her ability to combine a variety of muscle groups into one exercise, thereby allowing us to accomplish more in each session. She consistently raises the bar for her students with her positive encouragement. Her training has remained so much of a challenge to me that I do everything I can to avoid skipping a class. Throughout the 4 years that I have trained with Birit, she has been a reliable source of health information, as well as an inspiration to keep me physically motivated and in great condition!

-- Windy Crutchfield, Mother of 2, Real Estate Agent


I have been working out at the gym for several years, but I really wasn't getting the results that I wanted. So I decided that I would find an instructor that I admired and attend all the classes they taught. I chose Birit Trematore because she is a phenomenal instructor. Her dedication and enthusiasm is so obvious by the way she conducts her classes. During Pilates class, she always follows the 6 principals of Pilates and offers various levels of modification. Birit also teaches a hard core spin class, which involves an intense cardio workout and core strengthening. I love attending all of Birit's classes because I know I am going to have a safe and challenging workout. Thanks to Birit, my quest to become leaner and stronger is beginning to evolve!

-- Cathy Fowler, 1st Grade Teacher


I met Birit approximately 7 years ago when she first came to Bally’s to take over teaching the Pilates classes. Having taken Pilates from the previous teacher for a couple of years, I was not sure what this new instructor would be like. I quickly realized that, while her style was different than I was used to, she was no nonsense in her teaching. Birit actively leads the class, offering a range of intensity from beginner to advanced. Over the course of her tenure at Bally’s, Birit also taught spin and yoga. All of her classes were not for the faint of heart. In my two years with Birit, I was in some of the best condition of my life. I recently had the opportunity to take a Pilates class with Birit again and found that she continues to instruct, motivate and inspire with the same zeal that she did five years ago. Birit not only talks the talk, she walks the walk. She is a living example of all that she teaches. I would highly recommend Birit for a life style coach, trainer. She is wonderful.

-- Dede Spellberg, RN


I have taken weekly Pilates classes with Birit over the last 2 years and have really enjoyed her class.  Before taking her class I suffered from chronic back pain.  Now I am able to make it through the day with much less pain.  Birit is very knowledgeable and keeps the class entertaining.  I am a physician and have been impressed with how she allows adequate time for stretching, and switches muscle groups frequently to reduce the risk of injury.  I would recommend Birit highly without any reservations.

-- Tom Edmonds, MD


My husband and I started taking Pilates in our mid forties and had been very good about taking at least one or two classes a week over the course of 6 to 7 years. We both appreciated the increased strength and flexibility that resulted from the classes, but I personally did not realize all of the benefits I had gained until I stopped doing Pilates for 6 months. When I returned to class I found I was extremely weak and unable to do exercises I had previously been able to. I eventually built my strength back up and have a greater appreciation for the value of Pilates, especially under the direction of instructors like Birit. Birit ensures all muscle groups are worked and keeps her participants focused on form by calling out instructions or reminders as the class works through the routines. We appreciate the fast pace of Birit’s routines and the periodic changes she makes to keep them fresh - whether it is changing the order of what we do or adding in new exercises. For new participants, Birit will explain the different levels for each exercise which allows participants to choose their level of difficulty. Birit’s class provides a fun challenge every session and we continue to yield the benefits in our everyday lives.

-- Laura Koubsky, Technology Project Manager


My back has always bothered me since high school and after recovering from a ruptured disk 10 years ago. I joined my wife in a Pilates class after hearing her talk about the benefits Pilates has on developing your core abdominal and back muscles. I must admit I was hesitant at first since there were no other men in the class. Being a bicyclist, I thought I was in pretty good shape but after my first few Pilates classes I found out just how out of shape my core muscles were. At the start, Pilates was much harder than I thought it would be, but after staying with it for a while my core muscle group strengthened and much to my surprise my back pain went away. My doctor told me that the stronger muscles in my back are helping support my ruptured disk allowing me to avoid back surgery for over 10 years. I have learned that using the correct form in Pilates is critical and a good instructor is very important. Laura and I participate in Birit’s Pilate’s class twice a week at Inlet Fitness and can say with confidence that she is very knowledgeable, will give you a good workout and you will feel results. If you also want a good workout on a spin bike, Birit is truly a challenge to keep up with.

-- Dave Koubsky, Environmental Project Manager


I've tried many types of exercise and have found that Pilates is the best way for me to achieve a full body workout. For 4 years Birit has been my instructor and she is excellent. She demonstrates various positions for each exercise so you can work at your own ability level while still maintaining a good pace. And she always challenges you. I've increased my strength and stamina--- that makes it all worthwhile!

-- Lynne Farrell, Homemaker


I joined Inlet Fitness when it first opened and had never taken Pilates before - step aerobics was popular "back then" but it had become very strenuous on my knees.  So, I thought I would try Pilates - I loved it right away.  I have been attending Birit's Pilates classes for the seven years she has been teaching at Inlet.  She is a wonderful instructor.  She is very attentive to those that are new to the class, offers us the opportunity to start out at an entry level, advance as we become more comfortable, and gives us the choice of several modifications if one works better for us than some of the others.  This makes for a more relaxing and enjoyable experience.  People who aren't familiar with Pilates sometimes say that "it doesn't look that hard".  But those of us who are her students know that "it is harder than it looks".  Having a very qualified, knowledgable and positive instructor makes it easy to want to make it to every class we can fit into our schedule.

-- Denyse Corzatt




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